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Home Plumbing Inspection

When should you get a home plumbing inspection? When you have been in your home for years, or if you are going to be buying a new home, you should have the condition of your plumbing system inspected annually and/or prior to making your purchase. Lets go over the top 5 reasons to have a plumbing inspection done on the house you love, or that you’re thinking of buying!

Water Heater Check Up

Your water heater may have been working great for the last few years, but if you have not been performing preventative maintenance, it’s days may be numbered. The last thing you want is to have a sink full of dishes, and no hot water to wash them! We can let you know what needs to be done to ensure the longevity of your water heater, and provide affordable services if you want us to take care of it for you!

Or, you could be waking up for the first time in your home and getting ready for work of course you want to take a hot shower. Unfortunately, the water is anything but hot. A home plumbing inspection will identify that before you have a problem!

Toilet testing

Anytime you visit someone’s home, one of the things that you may worry about is that the toilet is not going to work once you’ve used it. That is one reason why you want to have a plumbing inspection done. The last thing you want is to have guests over and find out that your toilets aren’t working! It’s important to make sure that your toilets are always in good working order. If there is a problem, remember that it may not be really expensive or really hard to fix it. You just want to know that it exists so you can plan!

Water Pressure

It’s annoying to have low water pressure. When you try taking your shower or washing your dishes, things don’t go well.

When you have low water pressure, it’s not just a pain to deal with daily, but it also can mean there is bigger problems inside your home. You want to make sure that you’re finding your low water pressure’s source quickly so larger and more expensive problems don’t creep up on you and your family.

Home Water Drainage

Everyone has a problem with a clogged drain eventually. When drains are clogged, you might have other serious problems with the home’s plumbing. That could mean that the plumber has to rip some holes in the walls so that they can access the pipes.

Peace of Mind!

Simply because your house has some problems with the plumbing, it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank and fix them immediately, or that it’s a deal breaker for a sale. But you will want to understand the situation so you can plan to take care of it in the future. And know that a reliable plumber has done a thorough inspection and can be trusted to make the repairs when you are ready.

If the house you are buying has issues, it means that you are likely going to have to put some more money into it. You should assess the price that the seller is asking and then think about negotiating based on what you have discovered about the plumbing.

These are the reasons why having a home plumbing inspection done is a good idea annually and when you are buying a house.

When you trust our team at Atlantic Green with your Home Plumbing Inspection, we may suggest a video sewer inspection if we find major or persistent backups and drainage problems. Learn more about Video Sewer Inspections.

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