If natural gas is available in your area, but your home doesn’t use it, call our team at Atlantic Green for your gas line installation. Every gas line installation requires a master gas fitter who can arrange the installation of the new gas equipment and the gas lines.

Our contractors will take care of gathering all the important information necessary for the conversion, such as the type and BTU ratings of the different gas appliances that you wish to install and the gas pressure requirements. We also handle the installation and inspection of the gas piping and appliances to ensure that the switch to natural gas goes smoothly and safely. To arrange for conversion services, call us today!

We provide Gas Line Services Fredericksburg and the Surrounding Areas

It’s vital to know that only licensed professionals should repair or install gas lines. In fact, in most locales, it’s illegal for anyone aside from a professional to provide service to anything connected to a gas main. This is to ensure your safety and that of the neighborhood.

Finding the people who can see that any gas line job is done right is as easy as calling the number for Atlantic Green Plumbing.  We’ll hook your home up for gas water heaters, stoves, outdoor BBQ, and much more! If you need repairs for your current gas lines, we’ll also tackle the job.

Why Chose Natural Gas?

Natural gas is one of the best ways to provide power to many appliances in a house. It burns cleanly, comes directly from a municipal supply, and can cost less than electricity. Natural gas appliances are often more powerful and convenient to use than their electrical equivalents.

Many people couldn’t get along during the winter without the fast and effective warmth coming from a gas furnace, and people who love to cook know how much easier the job is using a gas-powered oven and stove.

Sending natural gas through a house requires special piping, and only professionals should work on installing and repairing these lines. If you are looking to work for natural gas lines in your home in the Fredericksburg Area, or you want a gas conversion, contact our team at Atlantic Green!

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