Sewer Repairs

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When your home or business in Fredericksburg requires sewer repairs, call the master plumbers at Atlantic Green Plumbing.

If you experience backups or blockages regularly even after having the pipes cleaned, then you may have an underlying issue. Your drainage lines may already be damaged by tree root intrusions before you experience complete sewer line failure. 

Common Issues that cause sewer backups

  • Tree root infiltration
  • Clog or blockage in the sewer line
  • Pipe corrosion 
  • Collapsed or cracked sewer line

Sewer Line Maintenance and Repair Methods include:


Sending a stream of high-pressure water through your sewer line is an effective way to thoroughly clean the system.

Chemical treatments

This method is used to destroy tree roots. A chemical foam is pumped through the pipes to clear out the roots.

Pipe relining

To prevent roots from growing into the sewer lines, pipes are relined with an internal coating.

Video inspection

A small TV camera is dropped into the sewer line to find the exact location of a break or blockage.

Our technicians will determine the best method depending on the specific problem, the easiest way to reach the sewer lines, and the kind of material the pipes are made of.