A plumbers guide to switching from a single vanity to a double vanity.

Many people decide to take on bathroom remodeling on their own. These days, we have Youtube and DIY gurus available at an instant to walk you through it. While we always suggest you have a plumber take care of your plumbing needs, we understand the pride of getting it done yourself. These are our instructions for a successful switch from a single vanity to a double vanity.

Step 1 – Turning off the Main Water Supply

Turn off the main water supply. If you neglect this step, your tears of frustration will be mixed with another flood. Research the type of plumbing in your residence and determine how old the pipes are in case you have to replace any damaged pipes and connections that lead into the wall.

Step 2 – Tying the Double Bathroom Sink to a Single Drain

Next, tie the double bathroom sink to a single main drain. You only need one trap. Check that the water-supply lines are attached with dual shut-off valves to prevent flooding and accidents.

Determine what size of drainpipe you need, and use tee lines on both taps to hook up individual faucets and check the water flow.

Step 3 – Choosing Correct Flex Lines, Connections, and Pipes

Finally, you must choose and install the correct pipes, connections, and flex lines. For the pipes, stainless steel is better than copper, galvanized, or non-metal piping. Flexes can be connected together if they are too short to reach the wall. Research the type of connection and pressure required to suit your double bathroom sink before visiting the shop and purchasing it.

Step 4 – Adding More Design Elements

While you don’t need to revamp the rest of the bathroom, adding matching mirrors above the new double sinks and additional soap dishes or other accessories will pull the look together.

Our plumbers can help you change your single vanity to a double vanity. If you find out at any time during your bathroom remodel that you need help from a trusted Fredericksburg plumber, give our team at Atlantic Green a call!