Stop Basement Flooding

How can a sump pump help Fredericksburg homeowners stop basement flooding during this rainy season? The best solution is always a sump pump, placed in the lowest part of a house, typically, the basement or crawlspace. When a basement starts to fill with water, the sump pump will remove unwanted water from the building. These devices can cost between $800 – $1600 to install which is a small price to pay in comparison to the damage caused by a flooded basement, or home.

But what happens when the power goes out for hours, or even days? Just last night we were hit with a storm that knocked out power, downed trees, and closed schools.

As major storms hit the fredericksburg area, the potential for power loss can be a significant issue for homes and businesses alike.

If your neighborhood is prone to losing power, you may want to make sure that your sump pump has a backup battery. This will buy you a few more hours of pumping time after the electricity goes out, which can make a significant difference between being flooded or not.

However, if you’re on a public water system,  you should consider a water-powered backup pump.  This may be a better option as an electric pump won’t work if the power’s out for an extended period..

Some homeowners take it to the next level and install a whole house generator which turns on automatically in the event of power failure. These generators are wired to the sump pump, and other needed appliances, to ensure that the home does not flood during a storm.

By taking a few precautionary steps, you can protect your home from flood damage and yourself from the headaches of dealing with flooding.

When you are ready to talk how we can help stop basement flooding through the use of a sump pump, just call our team at Atlantic Green. Our master plumbers are ready to help!

Learn more about how we can help stop basement flooding by installing a sump pump in your home.

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