Time For a Toilet Replacement?

Is it time for a toilet replacement in your home? As Fredericksburg’s most trusted plumber, you know we’ve got you covered. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you really need a replacement, or just some repairs. While we are fully equipped to help you with any plumbing problem, we want you to be aware of the top 5 signs it’s time for a toilet replacement.

toilet replacement

1. Your Toilet Runs Constantly, Even When You Haven’t Flushed It

Sometimes you can fix this problem by just jiggling the flapper valve to make it close properly. But if the issue happens over and over, you might need a new flapper or even a new toilet. A professional can tell you what the cause and best fix will be.

2. Your Toilet Only Flushes a Little or Not at All

This most likely means that something has gone wrong with the flushing mechanism in your toilet, and without the right know-how, DIY repairs could make the problem much worse. You should leave the repair to an experienced plumber who will install the right parts in the correct way.

3. Your Toilet Clogs More Than Once a Week

Clogs Happen. If you find that your toilet clogs more than once a week, then the problem may lie with your toilet. The parts that manage flushing may have worn out or a partial blockage may lie hidden deep in your plumbing.

4. The Toilet Tank or Bowl Do Not Refill With Water After Flushing

A toilet’s tank doesn’t refill only if the fill valve malfunctions. This valve will require replacement, and you have to make sure you get the right one and fit it the right way. In most cases, unless you have serious experience repairing toilets, you should have your plumber make this repair, which may even require a toilet replacement.

5. The Toilet Has Standing Water Around Its Base

Standing water shows that your toilet has a leak, and it probably has one around its seal. You’ll need to at least replace the seal to stop the leak. Keep in mind, a leaking toilet seal can waste more water than a dripping faucet, and the problem may even be much bigger than the seal alone.

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