The best time to perform a home plumbing inspection is before you purchase it.

Most home inspectors will admit that water systems are outside their scope of expertise. Atlantic Green Plumbing works with a number of home inspectors to provide top quality plumbing inspections.

We provide our plumbing inspection for prospective buyers for a reasonable price. You will receive a copy of our report which will include any issues we have found, and an estimate for any repairs that you may need.

In addition to pre-sale inspections, we can also conduct pump performance tests, drain line camera inspections, and pressure testing.

A Sewer Camera Plumbing Inspection Is A Good Investment

Sewer Camera

There are two very good reasons to insist on a sewer camera inspection of your sanitary and storm sewer before buying. If the house that you have your eye on is an older home in a mature neighborhood you probably have larger trees on or near the property. Unfortunately where there are trees there are usually tree roots and they love to find water inside of your sewer. There is no way of knowing whether or not you have a tree root infestation without seeing it with a video camera inspection. You can roll the dice and wait for the first downpour but I think you’d rather not.

Learn more about Video Sewer Inspections

If you are uncertain about any plumbing issues the home may have, it is strongly advised to consult a plumbing professional to do a plumbing inspection. Just call our team at Atlantic Green and our friendly staff will schedule an appointment with you convenient to your schedule and needs. Our rates are affordable, but you can always check out our Plumbing Coupons here!