Professional water line repair is necessary when water leaks begin to threaten the integrity of your home or business. Even minor leaks can gradually erode the structure of a building and cause irreversible damage. For scenarios like this, call our team at Atlantic Green!

Our company has consistently delivered the best plumbing services to Fredericksburg home and business owners. When it comes to pipe repairs and water line repairs, experience is everything. When you trust us to repair your water line or pipes, you can be sure that you will always have the attention of an expert plumber with the knowledge to get the job done.

Water Line Repair Services

Water lines need repairs for a variety of reasons. You may notice a sudden drop in water pressure, a discoloration of water, or wet areas in your yard. One call to our team will bring a certified plumber to your home. Depending on the severity of the leak, our plumber may replace part or all of the water line.

Key facts to know about water lines:

  • In many instances, only part of the water line will be replaced.
  • Water line leaks can be caused by tree roots, mineral build-up, and changes in temperature.
  • Older water lines can be replaced by thick, copper piping to ensure future durability.
  • After the new water line is installed, it will be pressure-tested and verified.

Repair Services

Our team at Atlantic Green can perform a variety of pipe repairs to get your home’s sewer or drains functioning at their best. Sewer pipes and drain pipes often leak and need repair in the following scenarios:

  • Blockages- A buildup of residue or debris limits the flow of the pipe and puts excessive pressure on vulnerable parts.
  • Corrosion- Natural age and wear on the pipe has left it weakened.
  • Tree roots- Roots invade the sewer pipe, compromising its structure.
  • Soil conditions- When soil erodes around a pipe, it can cause the pipe to develop “valleys” where waste collects.

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